My relationship with sleep is certainly not ideal nor healthy. While I love sleeping, I hate to do it. Part of the reason is that I know I could easily sleep 12 hours a night. I should probably correct myself. The problem isn’t with sleep, it’s with tiredness. I usually feel like a heaping pile of shit whether I sleep five hours, ten hours, or anything in between. That being the case, I’d rather sleep less and work more.

Don’t get me wrong, I take plenty of naps, but they usually are of the 20-minute head-on-the-desk variety. I’m actually quite fond of those, but yesterday, while nursing a hangover, it was as if I remembered that naps can also happen on couches, not just desks. It was something I had sort of forgotten, or perhaps just put on reserve for cases of illness.

In the midst of my post-nap bliss I sincerely believed I could (and wanted to) change. Really, though, I know I’d rather make comics than sleep any more than I need to. Despite how comfy it was dozing off (and waking up) on the couch at home, I’m going to stick to the occasional desk nap and plenty of coffee.

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 10.22.13 AM
Talk of sleep aside, check out überlin’s latest  entry in their portrait series for not only an interview, but some of the best photos I’ve ever seen of myself.