Boulet, the prolific french cartoonist who recently posted the amazing short story Darkness, made the outstanding Game of Thrones wallpaper mentioned in today’s comic. Do yourself a favor and check out both links!

I was so happy when Stephanie decided to give the HBO Game of Thrones series a try. She liked it so much that I jumped on the opportunity to get her further entwined in the universe and picked up the first book for her. We tried to pace ourselves with the show which gave her an opportunity to start the book. After she read a few chapters we decided to hold off watching the final episode until she finishes the book.

Stephanie and I share a lot of interests but video games, scifi, and other choice nuggets of geek culture don’t have much overlap between us. Seeing her get into the series really warms the cockles of my nerdy heart. While she won’t be getting a triforce tattoo any time soon, I love that Stephanie enjoys A Song of Ice and Fire enough to remember not just the main character’s names, but also the names of their direwolves.

I’m starting to lose track, but I think these are the other strips I’ve done about the books / show: