Last night I finally got to take part in some much-need tabletop role playing with my good buddies Shaun, Jay, and Mike. My experience in this area of gaming is lacking, though I spent far too many of my early years chasing the dragon that is collectible card games. Mike, who ran the campaign, got in touch with each of us last week to let us know about Dungeon Crawl Classics, an old school style D&D game that we might be able to play together.

In college we did a bunch of gaming together of many different varieties, though these days we are spread out across two continents and live in three distant time zones. Finding the time to meet up online is hard enough let alone setting aside long blocks of time necessary for games, so DCC’s simplified and intuitive system is great for digging right in and enjoying the best parts of RPGs.

Using the wonderful Tabletop Forge app we were able to play the entire session in a Google+ hangout. Tabletop Forge provides a system for dice rolls, text chat, private chat, the regular Google+ hangout video chat, maps (with basic drawing and tokens), and more. We really couldn’t have asked for a better setup. On the technological side, I was quite impressed that everything worked flawlessly with four webcam feeds for over five hours.

Mike did a great job running the campaign and it was easily some of the most fun I’ve had in a great while. As could be expected the time flew by and we had to end the session but I’m really looking forward to delving into DCC again.

Sadly Magoo, my ditch digging dwarf lost his head in a battle. Let us never forget.