I’m really happy about having kept up the twice-weekly runs for the past few months. I’d like to make more comics about running but I fall into a quiet state of oblivion after the first few minutes of the run and usually only realize it’s done when I get to my intended goal. Being able to run again is a great feeling, but what I’m most pleased with is my ability to still fall into that brilliantly empty state, which was something that probably kept me running as much as I did in the old days.For whatever reason, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to tap back into that after not only taking a few years off of running, but also not running as far or as frequently. Meditative oblivion or not, chilly elbows are one of the few things that brings me back to the reality of running. Also, why the hell isn’t there a better way of saying “inside of the elbow”? Is “elbow pit” even a thing?