Yesterday Ray Bradbury passed away and I wanted to write a little bit about the importance of his work to me. Today’s comic probably took place when I was about 11 or 12 years old. Although I can’t remember the exact age, I can recall (with staggering detail) the moment that my dad gave me The Martian Chronicles. I can’t say how much science fiction I enjoyed before then, but that book began my obsession with sci-fi and laid the groundwork for my fascination with the horror genre. I’ve enjoyed many of Bradbury’s other books, but the significance of the The Martian Chronicles in my life has long given me a special connection to Bradbury.

Bradbury’s stories encouraged me develop my own perspectives and think in unconventional ways. For that I am thankful and I know that I am a more creative person because of his work. Thank you, Ray Bradbury.