If you couldn’t tell from today’s strip, I’m a big fan of the Friday the 13th films. Last week, upon realizing that there was a Friday the 13th coming up, I pondered whether it was possible to watch all of the films in the franchise in a single day. Grand plans of a marathon began forming, yet as the day got closer I realized that there was actual work to do and I couldn’t really take the whole day off and forgot about the idea.

Yesterday evening Stephanie went to the ballet and with the help of some quick mental math I figured out that I could probably get three movies in. Sure, there was nobody else watching nor was there any junk food, but I got nice and toasty and began my solo mini-marathon.

It had been at least a year or two since watching the original film, so I began with that. It’s not fair to call a film good just because it isn’t bad, however, it struck me just how terrible the original Friday the 13th could have been. The acting isn’t bad, there are some genuinely suspenseful moments, and the effects are well done. One of the things I particularly enjoy about the first film, especially considering the direction of the franchise, is the antagonist. I won’t say any more than that, because if you haven’t seen it, well, it’s definitely worth a watch.

From there I moved onto Part III. Despite some lame attempts at 3D, Part III was fucking awesome. This is the film where Jason first dons his hockey mask, and for me, it’s the film that sets the tone of the rest of the series (which isn’t always a good one).

The last film I watched was Jason X, which I had never seen before. There also wasn’t much I liked about it. Given, this mostly felt like a gift for the fans, but aside from being mildly entertaining, there’s isn’t much else I care to say about it. I also fell asleep towards the end, which was a good reminder that although I love the series, I probably couldn’t handle all 12 of the films in one sitting.

Then again, I won’t know unless I try…