For the past six years I’ve supported myself in Germany by teaching english. It started as a way for me to make ends meet. Over the years I got to the point where I could live very comfortably off of my work. The more I taught, however, the more I realized that I wanted my living to come from art.

My main teaching job for the past four years (the one which I was let go from yesterday) was a great experience which allowed me to live comfortably, work on a flexible schedule, and develop my art and cartooning. In many ways that job allowed me to use the past four years as something of an internship for art. My flexible schedule and regular paycheck gave me the time and freedom to spend a great deal of time drawing, learning, and practicing a career without having to rely solely upon it. The effort that I’ve been able to put into my comics, and especially Caffeinated Toothpaste, was based largely on the support of that job.

As of yesterday I was informed that I would not longer be employed at the end of the month.

These past four years have helped me develop not only my artistic skills, but have given me many other assets as well. I’m privileged to share an outstanding gallery and studio with friends that have helped me get to a point I never thought I’d reach. For almost a year-and-a-half I’ve had the fortune of being part of an outstanding creative environment. I’m excited for this to be my full-time workplace from now on.

More than anything, however, it’s the support and encouragement of so many people which have gotten me to the point of feeling capable about making this transition. Two of my former employers helped me so much in not only making a place for myself in Berlin but helping me work towards my creative goals. There are so many outstanding artists I’ve met here who have also helped me over the years and it would be hard to imagine being in the position I am in without their guidance, assistance, and friendship. My family has always given me so much support, for which I’m grateful. Finally, there’s Stephanie, who has encouraged me throughout every step of my journey and has put up with more than anyone else.

Alright, let’s keep this adventure going!