Shipping Caffeinated Toothpaste: Volume 2 has been a very stressful experience. I didn’t consider the increased postage resulting from having made the book hardcover, hence heavier. That, combined with the volume of books I’m sending out has caused some serious problems. I haven’t gotten too many books sent back, but usually it’s for address mistakes. In this case I didn’t do anything wrong. The fine Deutsche Post decided that a package with a return address of Berlin and a shipping address of Singapore should naturally be shipped to Berlin. The postage was correct and I even used an official Deutsche Post shipping label.

It wasn’t even the biggest problem. Thankfully the book didn’t disappear completely. It’s just that I’ve put so much time and effort into shipping that anything requiring even more effort is just annoying, especially when I make the mistake. When it’s the fault of the postal service, however, it’s infuriating.

Alright, done venting.