I’ve been precariously balancing my folder of reference material between my radiator and a set of drawers due to lack of desk space. It meant, however, that I needed to move everything around if I needed to get any supplies from those drawers. I’m not against buying a small table, but there’s not much space between my drawing desk and the radiator. I’ve got a lot of spare pieces of wood lying around and this idea struck me last night. The brackets on the back corners of the wood pull against the lip of the shelf / window sil so it’s easy enough to slide it on or off. There were a few stumbling blocks, as you saw, but it’s working great now. Thanks gravity and phsyics!

Hey, you’re still reading! It might be worth providing a little bit more background on the subject of engineering. I entered college with dreams of computer programming, which were smashed almost immediately when I found I lacked the talent to both program and study, but I nevertheless tried to “make it” as a CS major for two years. I’ve never regretted leaving engineering behind and I certainly learned a lot from that time. I’m not a competitive person in a group dynamic, however I’m viciously competitive with challenging myself. That hasn’t always been the case, and certainly wasn’t while in college, but I still lament not having tried harder.

That being said, nothing beats drawing comics, in my opinion.