You can download the large hi-res version of the above image here (2.5 MB)!


One year ago I started a week of drawing diary strips as part of a self-study cartooning course. It’s really hard to believe that so much time and so many comics have passed since then.


Having made the comics, it’s easy to take all the credit for Caffeinated Toothpaste, though that’s simply not possible. The only reason I continued drawing diary comics past that first week was encouragement.


A special thanks to you readers, book buyers, commenters, e-mailers, likers, tweeters, friends, loved ones, strangers, and everyone in between. It’s with complete sincerity that I say, “It couldn’t have happened without you!” I’d especially like to thank my close friends and family who have had to put up with the time commitment of drawing this strip each day as well. Their continued support and encouragement means more than I could describe.

And if that wasn’t enough, I’ve gotten some awesome fan art recently. It will permanently reside on the fan art page, which is now linked in the menubar. Check it:

Mark, of 2816 Monument, crafted a stunning image of my favorite thing….ME!
Jared drew a comic of me for me. He DREW a COMIC for ME! So fucking awesome. His other talents include drawing comics of things that aren’t me over at Pea Green Coffee Cup.
Jose gives my haphazardly drawn comics more credit than they deserve.