Do you like Caffeinated Toothpaste enough to draw pictures about it? Check out some of the awesome pictures people have sent my way!

Ryan is a cartoonist buddy here in Berlin and he’s sending me off for my US holiday in high style
Jason Poland is the uncredited inventor of the high five. When he’s not inventing new ways to celebrate friendship he writes and draws Robbie and Bobby
Jostein, of Invisible Paperclip, made this pile of pixelated awesomeness!
Jeremy, my 91-year-old cousin, has got the right idea
When he’s not being a doodlesheep, Mike makes awesome art!
Mark, of 2816 Monument, crafted a stunning image of my favorite thing….ME!
Jared drew a comic of me for me. He DREW a COMIC for ME! So fucking awesome. His other talents include drawing comics of things that aren’t me over at Pea Green Coffee Cup.
Jose gives my haphazardly drawn comics more credit than they deserve.